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Emergency & Recovery Support Team1

Posted On : March 6, 2017

Having unexpected health circumstances or stressful hospital to home transitions? An emergency & recovery support team can help. With numerous post hospital recovery and 24-hour emergency carers, the team can offer you an assured at-home medical help. Qualified medical staff is a crucial factor in the success of at-home recovery and emergency medical response. Rebbeca care offers duly trained, qualified and registered nurses, doctors and carers to handle:

Some of the following emergency and recovery medical needs.

Post-hospital recovery care

The time after getting discharged from hospital until when you re-enter the healthcare system through the physician office visit can be a medically dangerous period for you. Almost 12% of patients show worsening symptoms in 2 to 5 days after hospital discharge.

Corrective action must be taken immediately to resolve the deteriorating condition. Emergency & recovery support team can assist by providing experienced carers to support your hospital to home transition and offer recovery care. The caregivers can help reduce errors and near misses in your post-hospital discharge. Recovery is not simply about the ‘cure’ but about helping you live a satisfying and meaningful life.

Unplanned discharge

Caregivers can help deal with an unexpected discharge- the stress and possible medical deterioration.

Accidents and Family emergencies

Every year, many sick children and senior adults get accidents in their homes. Accidents such as falling are inevitable for the children and the elderly.

The appropriate response to such cases is possible. At-home emergency care would come in handy and rescue you or your loved ones.


At-home professional care can lower your medical risks, overall costs, increased convenience, shorten treatment period in relation to hospital-equivalent treatment, afford better patient and caregiver satisfaction.

Also, it reduces the effect of recurrent medical complications and improves daily living activities through recovery support.

For your emergency and recovery care professional needs

Rebbeca care prides in recruiting and providing top quality medical professionals to offer exceptional care for our clients. Having the right, qualified and registered nurses, doctors and carers are a crucial factor in providing effective Emergency & recovery support. Our goal is to offer reliable 24/7 care solutions for you and your loved ones.

Our doctors, nurses and carers are competitively recruited and briefed about their responsibility in making your emergency and medical recovery our priority. Also, you’ll have the chance to select from a diverse quality healthcare staff for your medical needs.