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Live Care

Posted On : March 6, 2017

Rebbeca Care provides live-in care for clients who wish to stay in the comfort of their own home. The familiarity of the personal belongings can help in providing comfort to a loved one while receiving one-on-one care. The knowledgeable staff will begin by designing a support plan to aid the client. The support plan is developed by nurses, doctors and care workers to give the best care possible.

Rebbeca Care will focus their care routine on the well-being of the client. The staff will do everything to ensure your loved ones are receiving the best care possible in a respected manner. The trained carers are experienced in dealing with clients with different medical needs including Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, hospital after care and strokes. Each client will receive specialized care based on personal needs.

The live-in carers will be with the client at all times. The carer will be there to assist the client while still respecting personal space and autonomy. The carer will be available during the shift rotation. You will need to provide accommodation for carers to sleep or team of two can work in rotation to provide consistency in the client’s care. Consistency will aid in providing the best care for your loved one.

The live-in care service will provide various duties.

  • Personal hygiene including the aiding in bathing, dressing, and grooming the client daily or as needed.
  • Preparing and feeding (if needed) of all meals based on nutritional needs.
  • Keeping the client’s medication on schedule.
  • Housekeeping chores including laundry and the dishes.
  • Providing top care to the client to ensure safety.

Being able to stay at home surrounded by familiar items can be one of the best situations. Your loved one can feel independent and comfortable in familiar surroundings. Giving family members’ peace of mind knowing their loved one is receiving premium care.